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PAMrep Manufacturers have been carefully selected to bring you the best brands for your clients. They are recognized for innovation, performance and support. We only team with the best!

Anthem Electronics is recognized as a world class high end manufacturer of high performance audio electronics. From their receivers to their massive amplifiers and powerful processors, they deliver best in class sound quality and AV performance. Their proprietary technology, ARC [Anthem Room Correction] provides unparalleled audio performance in the most difficult environments, your client's rooms. [Representing in Illinois and Wisconsin]

MartinLogan is world reknown for their state of the art loudspeaker performance. They manufacture the worlds best ESL [Electrostatic] loudspeakers and also utilize Electromotion technology to offer a wide array of high performance choices from their flagship Neolith [$80,000 per pair] to elegant solutions for every speaker application and budget. [Representing in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin]

MIT Cables are more than just cables - it's the difference between an audio cable and an audio interface. MIT Audio Interfaces deliver the highest degree of signal integrity! [Representing in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin]

Paradigm is a manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers recognized for their value and performance. They are headquartered in North America and most of their products are crafted in their massive facility near Toronto Canada. They have all types of loudspeaker solutions including floorstanding, bookshelf, on-wall, in-wall, in-ceiling, soundbar, self powered, and subwoofers. In addition they are the creators of "Premium Wireless" speaker and electronic solutions. [Representing in Illinois and Wisconsin]

Peachtree Audio is known for high quality DAC's and Integrated Amplifiers. Their electronics are award winning and are considered to offer a very high value to performance ratio. Peachtree Audio is built in Canada and in recent months has been completely re-engineered to a new level of performance called V2.0. [Representing in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin]

Stealth Acoustics is an award winning manufacturer of invisible audio and video solutions. Their completely invisible loudspeakers and subwoofers are known for their high performance audio reproduction. Their unique hiding solutions for video screens pleases clients who want to see high quality video but want it to disappear when not in use. Their unique waterprooof speakers are a clever indoor/outdoor solution for your clients. [Representing in Illinois and Wisconsin]

SurgeX offers complete solutions for electrical issues. SurgeX products are known for completely eliminating the harmful effects of surges. They also offer all solutions for home theater and control system audiomation and fuctionality. [Representing in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin]

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