MIT Cables with Distributor Audio Components, will feature three systems at this year’s High End Society show at the M.O.C Convention Center in Munich Germany.


MIT Cables is interfacing these three exhibit rooms for the purpose of demonstrating the effect of properly interfacing components to operate as a single unit, or “System”.  A System approach creates a single voice from many different contributors, similar to an orchestra or chorus made up of many voices. Similar to tuning an orchestra to a single perfect pitch, properly interfaced components can become more than the sum of its parts.  Meet with us and hear what Multipole provides to a system in Atrium 4.1 from May 18 through May 21.


Room one: F116

Wilson Audio ALEXX loudspeakers  

MOON 999 AMS by simaudio

MOON Evolution Streamer and Preamp

MIT ACC 268, Articulation ControlConsoles for speaker cables

MIT Oracle SHD XLR adjustablearticulation and impedance matching line level interfaces


Room two: F114 

Magico S3 MKII

Spectral  DMC30SC & DMA240

2C3D Level ONE speaker cables from the new Heritage series. 

2C3D Level ONE impedance matchingLine level interfaces

MIT Z Powerbar


Room three: F 115 13A

Martin Logan Expression ESL

PASS Integrated 60

Meitner XDC V2 & Aurender N10

MIT EVO Level One Speaker Cables and matching EVO One XLR impedance matching interconnects MIT Cables and Multipoletm are registered trademarks

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