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For more than 30 years Paradigm has set the standard for sonic excellence in every product category they offer. Their focus on providing the best in performance and value continually pushes the boundaries in speaker design. Stunning accuracy, a spacious soundstage with pinpoint localization, powerful, well-defined bass and thrilling dynamics are hallmarks of Paradigm's advanced speaker designs. Rave reviews the world over and hundreds of products awards continue to confirm why Paradigm is the first choice for even the most critical listener.

It all begins with Research! What is good sound and how do we know when it’s “good”? To find out, the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada conducted extensive listener preference tests over two decades. The results of these tests gave Paradigm engineers a thorough understanding of how we “hear” speakers, revealed the measurable traits common to all good-sounding speakers, and clearly established what design parameters were critical to “good” sound. The rest is history.

Award Winning Performance! Paradigm has won hundreds (if not thousands!) of product awards and rave reviews from renowned publications all over the world. To get a taste of some of the awards they have won and reviews they have received, please visit their blog. Visit the Paradigm website here.

Best Sounding Wireless Products - Paradigm Premium Wireless! Infinite variety, app-controlled convenience, no wires: the benefits of Wi-Fi audio streaming are obvious. We all want instant, easy access to our digital audio library, anywhere in our home. To achieve this, Paradigm audio engineers faced a classic dilemma: convenience vs performance. Maybe you’ve experienced this dilemma, also, when considering a “wireless” speaker for your pool deck or office desk. Paradigm audio engineers decided that, when it comes to wireless streaming audio, convenience isn’t convenient if it sacrifices performance. So Paradigm has engineered a wireless streaming audio series that Paradigm. It includes the power of Anthem ARC to assure audio linearity and pure acoustic bliss where ever you place your client's speakers. Read more about Premium Wireless here

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