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Stealth Acoustics

Stealth Acoustics is known for its astonishing solutions in providing pleasing design aesthetics for the technology required for state of the art sound and video. From completely invisible speakers to hidden video solutions - no one performs like Stealth Acoustics!

LineaResponse® G full range invisible speakers and subwoofers, coupled with Stealth Acoustics amplifiers provide a total “systems” approach to invisible speakers, providing the best possible sound and eliminating unsightly grills and bulky boxes used with traditional speakers. This really is “The End of Aesthetic Pollution” when it comes to making the right speaker choice for your clients' home or business project.

Stealth Cover Art automatically hides nearly any TV screen with a work of art! A custom image is printed on graphic arts quality canvas surrounded by a choice of elegant wood moulding. When the display is turned on, the Stealth CoverArt canvas automatically rises to reveal the total display screen without any obstruction. When the display is turned off, the canvas automatically lowers to conceal the blank TV screen.

Stingray by Stealth Acoustics is an award winning outdoor speaker solution. Creating a truly environmental speaker that can take on nature’s toughest elements is no easy task. The StingRay family of outdoor speakers are completely sealed with no exposed grills or drivers to corrode or break down. The StingRay line is at home in nearly any outdoor environment where ultimate durability and performance are desired.

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